Us May Authorize Covid Booster Shots Next Month

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The COVID-19 virus still continues to threaten many countries around the world. The new variants have become a massive cause of concern. It is said that the vaccines administered so far to people are not likely to be effective with the new variants, especially considering that vaccines generally tend to lose their protection power over time.

Why Booster Shots are Necessary

The booster shots will be instrumental in raising the level of antibodies against these new variants. The Biden administration is studying the case data in order to assess whether there is a strong need for booster shots. After all, countries like Israel started giving booster shots to people over 50 months ago.


The new Delta variant has brought out the possibility of a third vaccine shot for the people. Usually, this booster shot is recommended around eight months after a person receives the second shot. Those who have received the one-shot Johnson and Johnson vaccine will also likely be eligible for the booster shot.

The Biden Administration May Announce the Booster Shots Soon

The information isn’t currently fully clear. The Biden administration is still considering this plan, and there have been no announcements so far, although it is likely that the citizens may see one in the coming days.

Expert Recommendations

The plan will typically be put into action once the Food and Drug Administration sees that the booster shots are safe and fit for usage. If this plan is put into action, then we may expect people to receive the third jab starting from September of this year.

Expert Recommendations

The experts have recommendations for the booster shots to be given to people of all ages. It is likely that the booster shots will first be given to healthcare workers and senior citizens who live in nursing homes. This will fall under the emergency move authorization. People with weakened or compromised immune systems will need the booster shot more than healthy people with normal functioning immune systems.

Expert Recommendations

Will the Campaign Be Successful?

The US has been generous in providing vaccines to poor countries that are suffering from a huge caseload of infections. And yet, in all likelihood, the US will have enough supply for its own citizens as well.

The US was doing fairly well until recently. The vaccination program had lowered the number of infections by a considerable percentage. However, the delta variant has caused havoc, also due to the unwillingness of many Americans to take the vaccine shots. Hence, the anti-vaccination sentiment prevailing among a certain percentage of the population remains a cause of concern.


There is a concern that this new campaign for the booster shots may possibly overshadow the campaign for the first two vaccines. Hence, the US still has to continue putting efforts in raising the awareness among people to take the first two vaccines. Otherwise, it may never gain complete freedom from the virus. Countries like Germany and France are likely to join the US in this new campaign.

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