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The Taliban Have Taken Over Afghanistan: So, What Next?

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Even before the two weeks of the US setting up in completing the withdrawal of its troop, the Taliban seized Afghanistan’s power. As Afghan security forces that were equipped and trained by the US and its allies melted away, the Taliban insurgents stomped across the country’s major cities in a matter of a few days. Here are some updates on the incident and what will come in the coming days.

To begin with, what exactly is happening in Afghanistan?

In the late 1990s, the Taliban, a militant group, had taken over the control of Afghanistan. However, the country was freed later. But, history has repeated where Afghanistan has come to the hands of the Taliban. In 2001, the US-led invasion of Afghanistan expelled the insurgents from power, but they haven’t left. After the recent attack on Afghanistan, the government that has run for about 20 years collapsed. Afghans fear about their life and future, making; which is making them run to airports as it is one of the last routes to get out of the country.


What is the reason behind people fleeing the country?

People are apprehensive that Afghanistan could result in chaos. In addition to this, they fear that the Taliban might carry out attacks against the people who worked for America or the Afghan government as an account of revenge. Most people fear that they would harshly impose Islamic laws as they have witnessed the same from 1996 to 2001. During this period, women were not allowed to attend schools or work outside their homes. They had to wear the burqa that the Muslims wear to cover themselves and must be accompanied by a male relative whenever they step outside their house. Also, they restricted and completely banned music, stoned adulterers, and cut off the thieves hands. Though the Taliban have declared that they are more moderate right now and would not be taking revenge against the people, Afghans are not ready to believe their promises.


What could be the reason behind the Taliban taking over Afghanistan now?

The Taliban taking over Afghanistan would probably be because the US troops are ready to withdraw their forces by the end of this month. The Taliban managed to control most parts of Afghanistan as the US shifted its focus on Iraq which led to the regrouping of the Taliban. As the deadline is decreasing, the Taliban has grown more offensive and overrunning in every city.


What was wrong with Afghan security forces that led to the collapse?

Corruption is the main reason for the collapse of Afghan security forces. Over two decades, though the US and its NATO allies spent more than billions of dollars to equip and train Afghan security forces, the Western-backed government extensively indulged in corruption.


Also, as the Taliban arm developed rapidly in recent days, the entire troop surrendered. However, the President of the country, Ashraf Gani, fled after making some public statements where he said that he doesn’t want to witness further bloodshed.

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