The Heatwave in US and Canada

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There has been a shocking heatwave recently in the US and Canada. Temperatures are soaring, and many people are experiencing heat-related illnesses like Hyperthermia. Farmers have reported crop failures, and there have been several power outages as well.

The temperature in the popular casino city Las Vegas reached 117 degrees Fahrenheit, and the famous Death Valley in California happened to reach 126 degrees Fahrenheit. People are becoming increasingly concerned about why these heatwaves are happening now and what the future will look like.


Heat Wave Due to Climate Change?

Scientists are claiming that we would have never seen such staggering temperatures if not for climate change. The excessive use of resources and industrialization has led to this heatwave. Scientists and researchers claim that even without climate change, people would have experienced these heat waves. However, these heatwaves wouldn’t have been as bad as we see now.

After all, the last few years were a strong indication that the planet is warming up more than ever. Regions that typically don’t have hot climates, being subject to extreme temperatures, is quite alarming. In fact, the National Weather Service has called it “record-breaking temperatures”. This heatwave has been titled a ‘once-in-a-1000-year event’.


Canadian Government’s Measures

British Columbia has been severely affected. The Canadian Government is trying all that it can to cope with the heatwave and implement measures promptly. For instance, there is an active effort to prevent the possibility of wildfires in tinder-dry regions. Roads are shut off, train traffic has been limited, and many evacuations have been ordered.

Usually, in these situations, trains can be notorious for causing a wildfire if they are not properly maintained. Investigators in Canada are investigating how these wildfires begin and what can be done to prevent them.

The Two Possibilities in the Future


Many people have died recently, and the death toll has not yet been reported. We may see two possibilities in the future: The first possibility is that this was a rare and unfortunate event that is not likely to happen again. The second possibility is that this may, unfortunately, be a regular occurrence because of the greenhouse gas emissions and ceaseless use of fossil fuels.

Hence, the need for international collaboration and cooperation is important more than ever. Nations must be able to predict these drastic changes in climate beforehand, give early warnings and implement the appropriate measures in a timely manner.

Marine Life


It is not just humans who are affected. The heat dome had a severe impact on marine animals. Many mussels turned dead on the Kitsilano beach recently. Mussels serve an important function. They help filter the sea and allow sunlight to enter and provide nourishment for many marine species. Overall, the effects are going to be quite dire and challenging to reverse.

In Conclusion

Nations need to be environmentally conscious more than ever and must find ways to reduce greenhouse gas emissions as much as realistically possible. The effects of climate change are evident in how we are experiencing droughts, storms and excessive rainfall more than ever.

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