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Taliban Took Over The Control Of Afghanistan: Latest Updates That One Needs To Know.

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After the chaos and struggle between Afghanistan’s government and the Taliban, the Taliban finally took over the control of Afghanistan. On the one hand, this moment was the happiest for to Taliban but the worst moment for the Afghans on the other hand. Afghans are now surrounded by armed militants who roam the streets. One of the journalists claimed that the faces of Afghans were scary, and this was somehow true as most people tried to reach airports fearing the future consequences. While others who were helpless enough to leave the place bid farewell to the republic’s ex-president and his allies, fearing their lives.

UK Defense secretary’s words on the incident:

Ben Wallace, UK Defense secretary, directly claimed that the takeover of Afghanistan by the Taliban is the international community’s failure. He also said that all of us know that Afghanistan is not finished yet and hence is an unfinished problem globally, and the world needs to lend a helping hand to it.
Also, the UK government is sending 600 soldiers to help the citizens of Kabul though 750 troupes were withdrawn and asked to come back. The prime minister of the UK, Boris Johnson, has claimed that he would help nearly 3,000 citizens return from Kabul.


The ‘human’ count:

The war between Afghanistan and the Taliban has dealt with the involvement of lots of people. The data goes like this; Even though the war included 3,846 United States’ contractors, 66,000 Afghan National military and police, 1,114 allied service members along with Nato member states, 47,245 civilians from Afghanistan, 444 Aid workers, and 72 journalists, almost 2,448 American service members were killed in Afghanistan by the Taliban and other opposition fighters of about 51,191 in number.

What did the French president say?

Emmanuel Macron, the French President, said that Afghanistan should not become the destination for terrorists just like it was before. He adds to this statement by saying it is a challenge against a common enemy for international stability and peace.


The US suggests Americans in Kabul be in one place.

The US said Americans staying in Kabul not to come out using Hamid Karzai International Airport, rather stay in one place until further notice. The Defense Department is working on smooth and secure functioning so that commercial flights would be resumed. Also, Mr Price, State Department spokesman, warned the Taliban that he would take a swift and decisive response if there is any attempt of targeting, threatening, and intimidating their personnel.

Reopening of Kabul Airport

Kabul Airport

The US General claimed that the Kabul airport reopened on Tuesday after being closed for hours. To help establish security for the airport, a C-17 transport aircraft and US Marines aboard have been landed.

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