Taliban Promises To Protect Women’s Rights Under Islamic Law

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The recent developments in Afghanistan have been awe-inducing. The Taliban successfully overthrew the Afghanistan Government, and it recently even held a press conference in Kabul and made its stance on various issues very clear.

What the Taliban Has Promised

The Taliban spokesperson Zabihullah Mujahid has assured the public that there will be no stringent execution and punishment, which was characteristic of the Taliban many years ago. The Taliban has vowed not to take revenge against government officials or Afghani soldiers.

Along with the pardon, the Taliban also made it clear that it is not looking for any sort of conflict with other nations. It has vowed to respect the freedom of the press and claims to see the usefulness of honest journalism to society and the leaders. However, the media will only be operating within the defined cultural framework.


The Taliban has also stated that it will punish the Taliban Fighters who will be held guilty of entering the homes in Kabul and attacking women, foreigners, or those who worked for the previous government.

The Situation for Women

More importantly, the biggest cause of concern was the situation of the women in Afghanistan. Back when the Taliban ruled in 1996 until 2001, the situation for women was quite deplorable. Young girls were not allowed to go to school, and women were not allowed to travel or work. The burqa was made mandatory in public as well.

However, the Taliban seems to have now come to a more relaxed stance around this issue compared to a few decades ago. It has made it clear that women will be given the freedom to pursue work and study in school. However, this freedom is given as per the dictates of Islamic Law. The Taliban announced that women would be allowed to pursue education right from primary schools to universities. Many schools are said to be currently open and functioning.

The Taliban has declared that the burqa won’t be mandatory for women. However, it is compulsory for all women to wear the hijab. It has not yet been made clear which types of hijabs will be deemed acceptable by the Taliban.

Situation for Women

People in Afghanistan are Unhappy Over the Takeover

Many people in Afghanistan are unhappy and scared about these recent developments. They don’t look forward to the Sharia Law, even if the Taliban has dropped the strict interpretation of the Sharia and the many extreme punishments for thieving, adultery, etc. In fact, recently, a small group of women was seen protesting the Taliban.

The Future is Uncertain

The Future is Uncertain

It will be interesting to see how many countries will be willing to recognize the Taliban and trust whether its new views on these issues will prevail. The Taliban is, at its core, the same as it was a few decades ago. However, this time, it seems to certainly have some key differences in its approach to various matters.

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