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Taliban Belting Abuse On The Women In Afghanistan

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When the Taliban was the ruler of Afghanistan in the late 1990s, their cattle rules were stricter for those who had the misfortune of being born a woman in the ethically primitive Taliban society. The choice is between burqa or death for the women in Afghanistan now since the Taliban is back with a vengeance.

It was only 20 years ago when the Taliban was evicted from power and Afghans removed their forced veil to breathe their freedom.

Taliban’s dirty history in the 1990s

Taliban's dirty

The Taliban enforced their version of strict sharia law, according to Islam and their assault of women ensued in the name of law, almost immediately after they took power. One of their first actions was to lock the women’s university and force women to be homebound.

Before the unwelcome arrival of the Taliban, women comprised 15 per cent of Afghanistan’s highest legislative body. Fifty per cent government workers and university students, 70 per cent of schoolteachers in Kabul, were women.

The monster that the US created on the pretext of fighting the Soviet occupation of Afghanistan destroyed any hope. Taliban targeted especially women and carried out atrocities of the worse kind. Women were fogged and executed on the streets.

The abdominal history of Taliban between 1996-2001


Girls and women were banned from working, studying, leaving the house without a male chaperone, healthcare, politics, speaking out and showing any skin in public. Punishment for breaking any one of these rules were immediately carried out by any Taliban official on the streets in front of all-male crowd.

If the woman was found showing an inch of her skin or a girl was spotted with her books, they were flogged on the spot. If the blame of adultery was placed on a woman, she was stoned to death. Any sort of accusation warrants the harshest and inhuman punishments here.

The fallen government

The fallen government

Post the withdrawal of American and NATO forces in July; the Taliban took control over a large part of Afghanistan. Especially for the Afghan women, their power is horrifying. Back in July, when the Taliban took over the provinces of Badakhshan and Takhwar, the leaders issue an order to provide them with a list of girls aged above 15 and widows under 45 for “marriage” with the Taliban fighters.

In conclusion

A few desperate Afghan families have been able to save their daughters from the wrath of the inhumanity of the Taliban Afghanistan is once again being taken back forcibly to the Middle Ages with the Taliban’s advent.

Taliban’s policy calls for a room with no windows in their own homes, so nobody can see the women in the house and no opportunity for a woman to lead a life of dignity. Under the Taliban regime, women’s rights, freedom and hope have been robbed from them.

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