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In this article, and will be talking about the Covid 19 outbreak in the United States of America. The USA was actually one of the first few countries to report a coronavirus case ever since cases started rising from Wuhan, China in the month of December in 2019. A public health emergency was actually declared in the USA on 21st January in the last 20. Most of the states in the US of America or actually reporting a lot of cases. There are millions of people who have currently been affected by the virus.

They have also reported hundreds of thousands of deaths because of the virus. Currently, more than 5 million people are infected with the virus and are battling it. This means that there are millions of people currently in quarantine, because of the virus. People have also aggressively been doing a lot of Covid tests, to make sure that they are not infected with the virus. There are some people who actually go through life without even knowing that they have been infected.


These are people who are asymptomatic. The United States of America is on the amber list of countries as per the list dictated by the United Kingdom. The US also receives a very huge number of travellers from China and that is why, the infection is so severe that. Since travelling has been stopped, the economy has lost billions of dollars, because nobody is conducting any tourist activities anymore because countries are not giving out tourist visas.

All kinds of imports were also halted from the country of China, because of the pandemic. The very first confirmed case of the virus in the USA was actually in Washington in the month of January. This person had a very recent travel history in China. The first death in the USA because of the virus was actually in February 2020 human to human transmission was reported in the USA and it was a very large concern indeed the President, at that time, Donald Trump, did not take it seriously. Community spread was reported in a lot of states in the year.


But, things have gotten better, because everybody is getting vaccinated. Almost half of the entire population of the United States is currently vaccinated with vaccinations against the coronavirus. Everybody is trying their best to get the vaccine but, there are a lot of people in the country who are against vaccinations.

There was actually an emergency bill passed to combat the effects of the coronavirus and there was a nationwide social distancing law implemented so that people carry out social distancing, to reduce transmission. There are also a lot of travel restrictions implemented, but these are easing every single day.

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