Acquisitions Service

Since 1965, InterDok has provided customers with an Acquisitions Service to procure the published proceedings they need.
You can request standing orders for most associations, societies and unaffiliated groups, regardless of publisher.
Many titles we list are in stock and our expertise in knowing where to search means delivery time is fast.
For procurement through our Directory of Published Proceedings, we offer discounted prices for many titles we identify.
We also provide a convenient shopping cart which allows for immediate confirmation of your order.

For acquisitions orders, we provide 30 days net paper invoicing. Payment by check or money order only.

Competitive Agency Handling Fees

Other book agencies have hidden search fees above their charges for
procurement as well as delivery charges to you. At InterDok, the only way we
obtain customer satisfaction is to offer timely service and extremely competitive rates.
In many cases, titles listed in DoPP provide a discount lower than the list price.

This is possible due to our high volume buying relationship we maintain with most
associations and societies. For titles where we cannot offer below list discount,
we will provide extremely competitive agency handling fees.

If your library is large or small, academic, government or private, we provide the
most beneficial and cost-effective assistance for your procurement needs.
Standing Order Availability

No Minimum Requirements

Personalized Customer Service

In-Stock Availability for Many Titles

Faster Delivery with Less Paperwork

No Service Charge for In-House Searches