About Us

Company History
InterDok Corporation was founded in 1964 by Bernard B. Baschkin (1927-2001). As an engineer by training, his vision was to provide a service that bridged the gap between supply and demand for available published literature produced from specialized conferences and symposia in the science and technology communities. At the time, most societies were not aware of any substantial need from outside their membership for locating published proceedings and literature resulting from annual meetings. The source for this need were the many librarians and researchers who did not have the resources in searching and identifying the thousands of newly released published proceedings each year.

Directory of Published Proceedings
When the Directory of Published Proceedings, Series SEMT (Science, Engineering, Medicine and Technology) was introduced in 1965, it was received with high acclaim from the organizations producing their proceedings and the libraries who could now locate them. With the success of Series SEMT, we continued moving forward with our successful bibliographic services when we introduced Series SSH, (Social Sciences and Humanities). Referencing hard to find published proceedings was now covering the most required disciplines.

In February 2005, InterDok introduced the new electronic version of DoPP. With real-time access to more than 50,000 records, existing customers and new subscribers will find the new DoPP easier to use and far more cost effective.

Acquisitions Service
Throughout the four decades we have been been providing libraries world-wide with our directory services, acquisitions procurement has been another of our areas of expertise. We learned early on the demand for locating published proceedings included the need to confirm and procure the many titles most librarians did not have the time to sort through. Our Acquisitions Service was developed with the knowledge that time is extremely limited when it comes to procurement – especially for those libraries where keeping track of multiple orders can be frustrating. For the past several years, Karen Baschkin and her staff have been providing our customers with beneficial cost effective and time saving assistance.

With the introduction of the new version of DoPP, our Acquisitions Service will be able to serve customers better with our real-time shopping cart procurement program. Many published proceedings listed in the new DoPP will offer discount prices less than the original publisher’s list price.

MInd: The Meetings Index
In 1984, InterDok started publication of MInd: The Meetings Index. We realized when providing a service that located and identified published proceedings from specialized events, there was also a need to locate future conferences, congresses and symposia. With the introduction and constant improvement made in the internet, we have decided to allow free access to MInd through an easy to use database at our website.