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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

As development of DoPP will allow for user suggestions, we would like to provide recently submitted questions and answers for registering and uploading research papers.

What is the purpose of the DoPP database and how will uploading my paper benefit me?
Authors are invited to upload their work to promote and share research with others who are searching for the same subjects.
Is there a cost for authors to list their papers on the database?
The registration and uploading of papers is free.
Is there a cost for end-users to search papers on the database?
Searching, viewing abstracts and downloading papers are free.
Are there any limitations on the number of papers an author can have on DoPP?
Authors can submit as many papers as long as they are part of the research team.
Are there any restrictions as to subject content?
The Admin reserves the right to temporarily block or delete any files determined to contain illegal, offensive or unauthorized-plagiarized material.
Will my email address be available for anyone searching the database?
Author email addresses are masked. When an end-user contacts an author via the DoPP message system, the authorís address will be no longer be masked when you respond.We suggest masking your email address on the actual paper being uploaded.
Who can view papers listed in DoPP?
Our end-users are also researchers, Human Resource officers and other specialists seeking to make contact with authors regarding their work.
How best can I expand searching parameters for my paper listed on DoPP?
Include up to three keywords when uploading a paper will provide for better results.
If you would like to receive further information on using DoPP, contact